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postfix-users: Re: Queue full of double-bounce

Re: Queue full of double-bounce

From: Patric Falinder <patric.falinder_at_nospam>
Date: Tue Oct 12 2010 - 08:37:20 GMT
To: Postfix users <>

Wietse Venema skrev 2010-10-11 23:00:
> Patric Falinder:
>>>> then you have found the timer bug that causes Postfix to deliver
>>>> only one message probe per 300 seconds, and we can start looking
>>>> for workarounds (such as changing the src/util/events.c module and
>>>> replacing zero delay requests by 1 millisecond delay requests).
>>>> Wietse
>>> [ Attachment, skipping... ]
>> Cool, I will try that tomorrow when I get to work and feedback the results.
>> I've been meaning to upgrade to Postfix 2.7 too so might as well do that
>> when I'm at it.
>> I should only compile this testprogram and not install it right?
> Don't replace the installed Postfix. The timer stuff works exactly
> the same way as your Postfix 2.5.5. I don't write each Postfix
> release from scratch.
> Wietse
I have now tried that on the VMWare ESX server and I actually got

        normal completion after 1000000 iterations

as a result, so I guess it doesn't have to do with the timer thing!?
I also upgraded to Postfix 2.7, without VDA cause this time because this
server wasn't meant to have that patch in the first place, and I've been
watching the queue for a couple of minutes and the double-bounce
messages seems to go away as they should.
I'm gonna keep looking though, to see if it gets filled again but it
Looks like the upgrade fixed it.
I can report back at the end of the day to see if it's actually fixed.

Thanks a lot Wietse for all your help! I'm really grateful.