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postfix-users: OT: dns whitelisting with a postfix policy servic

OT: dns whitelisting with a postfix policy service

From: Christian Roessner <c_at_nospam>
Date: Thu Oct 14 2010 - 12:21:19 GMT
To: Postfix users <>


I have seen that several services on the internet started with DNS whitelists. So I was looking for a way on how to integrate it into Postfix. Blacklisting seems to be easy, but whitelisting not. So I was looking how to write a policy service. I have coded a python daemon called that currently can deal with spamhaus whitelists and lists as well. It is in early stage, but seems to work here. My MTA is not under heavy stress, so I do not have really good results yet.

I want to add a SQL interface that can fill amavisd-new (soft whitelisting).

Maybe you like to visit the project page here:

One feature is the debug mode that shows very nicely, what is coming from postfix ;-)

Any feedback is welcome. And please do not cut my head off, if you follow a completely different philosophy in handling mail :-)

Ah and yes, of course that is open source.

Thanks for feedback and maybe helping hands??

Best wishes

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