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postfix-users: Re: OT: dns whitelisting with a postfix policy se

Re: OT: dns whitelisting with a postfix policy service

From: Christian Roessner <c_at_nospam>
Date: Fri Oct 15 2010 - 17:40:43 GMT
To: Postfix users <>


today I added full IPv6 support and the amavisd-new bindings. Now it's possible to have used as policy-service in postfix and if it find a MTA on a whitelist, it automatically gets soft-whitelisted in amavis (using SQL).

I will put the new version on my side later on.

Have fun

Am 14.10.2010 um 15:49 schrieb Christian Roessner:

> Hi,
>> Actually using a WL to let email through does not appear to have any advanatage except for the WL vendor.
>>> Ah and yes, of course that is open source.
>> Thanks for providing this!
> well, at the one side you a right that currently the WL vendor may earn money. But I fear the moment, where IPv6 is used in wide areas. Then there need to be new strategies. Because blacklists will become less useful. But whitelists would gain importance.
> I think that in several years, a MTA could handle incoming mail from unknown MTAs very strict and only users who have proven good reputation will have a chance of easy going mail traffic.
> That is the idea behind it. Maybe I am wrong.
> Christian
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