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postfix-users: Re: Postfix as SMTP Gateway *and* Delivery for Lo

Re: Postfix as SMTP Gateway *and* Delivery for Local Email Addresses

From: mouss <mouss_at_nospam>
Date: Sat Oct 16 2010 - 13:40:54 GMT

  Le 15/10/2010 23:52, Aaron Clausen a écrit :
> I've been running Postfix+SpamAssassin+ClamAV for some time quite
> successfully as the email gateway for our internal MS-Exchange server.
> However, recently, my organization has been looking at setting up a
> POP3/IMAP server for one of our domains. We don't need any of
> Exchange's features, and frankly the licensing costs for adding the
> additional accounts is ludicrous. I figure I've already got Postfix
> quite happily doing the SMTP heavy loading, so I wondered if there was
> any way that it could also do local delivery of email for specific
> domains while forwarding others on to the Exchange server.

yes. if you don't care about the "domain part", simply use
mydestination. otherwise use virtual_mailbox_domains and friends.