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postfix-users: RE: Postfix Logfile Statistics

RE: Postfix Logfile Statistics

From: Kammen van, Marco, Springer SBM NL <Marco.vanKammen_at_nospam>
Date: Wed Apr 14 2010 - 09:17:51 GMT
To: "postfix users" <>

>>Patric Falinder
>Kammen van, Marco, Springer SBM NL skrev 2010-04-14 10:50:
> Hi All,
> Searched on the web for this but couldn't find anything close to what
> I'm looking for.
> Any of you know tool that generates web based (graph) statistics based
> on information in the postfix logfile.
> I'm looking for things like amount of messages sent/received daily
> weekly monthly etc ...
> Thanks in advance for any suggestions!
>>Try mailgraph

>>Mailgraph in action:

Thanks for your very fast reply.

One thing I'm missing (or at least my management is), they want to be
able to see how many messages where sent/received on specific days.
So instaid of a total amount of messages sent/received the current day
or in the entire week/month/year, they want to see how many messages
where sent/received on January 1th, or June 16th... etc etc

I could make a script and put this stuff in a separate MySQL database,
but if something like that exists already why do it twice!