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postfix-users: Re: Logfile condenser

Re: Logfile condenser

From: Dom Latter <postfix-list_at_nospam>
Date: Wed Oct 20 2010 - 08:16:28 GMT

On 19/10/10 19:42, Jeroen Geilman wrote:

> "timestamp - client IP [hostname] - orig_envelope_from >
> orig_envelope_to - Queue ID - final_envelope_from > final_envelope_to -
> transport:nexthop - server IP [hostname] - delays"

You have a copy of the script now, of course, but if you or anybody
else wants to post or send me an annotated log file fragment showing
me which bits are the orig_envelope_from and so on, I can have a go.

When it gets logged by amavis, are those the original or final
envelopes? Because that's what I am currently storing.