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postfix-users: Re: upgrade 2.5.4 to 2.6.5-1

Re: upgrade 2.5.4 to 2.6.5-1

From: Brian Evans - Postfix List <grknight_at_nospam>
Date: Wed Oct 20 2010 - 12:54:46 GMT

  On 10/19/2010 9:15 PM, wrote:
> hello postfix network
> hello wieste
> hello guru of postfix
> I did not follow the ads but the version 2.6.5 causes changes in
> and you can enlighten me on my postconf-n
> What changes have been put in for postfix 2.6.5
> I encounter errors with sid-milter no longer working avecd es fatal error

As noted by Victor a few days ago, you really should have read the
RELEASE_NOTES file included in your package/tarball.

You did not mention which warnings/errors you were getting.

Did you happen to see this?

[Feature 20090428] The following improvements have been made to the
Milter implementation:

- Improved compatibility of the {mail_addr} and {rcpt_addr} macros.

- Support for the {mail_host}, {mail_mailer}, {rcpt_host} and
{rcpt_mailer} macros.

- Milter applications can now request rejected recipients with the
SMFIP_RCPT_REJ feature. Rejected recipients are reported with
{rcpt_mailer} = "error", {rcpt_host} = enhanced status code, and
{rcpt_addr} = descriptive text. This feature requires "milter_protocol
= 6" or higher (default as of Postfix 2.6).

- Milters can now replace the envelope sender address with the
SMFIR_CHGFROM request, and can add recipients with SMFIR_ADDRCPT_PAR.
These implementations ignore ESMTP command parameters and log a
warning message as follows:

     warning: 100B22B3293: cleanup_chg_from: ignoring ESMTP arguments
     warning: 100B22B3293: cleanup_add_rcpt: ignoring ESMTP arguments

[Incompat 20090428] The default milter_protocol setting is increased
from 2 to 6; this enables all available features up to and including
Sendmail 8.14.0. The new milter_protocol setting may break
compatibility with older Milter libraries or applications, and may
cause Postfix to log warning messages such as:

     warning: milter inet:host:port: can't read packet header: Unknown
error : 0

     warning: milter inet:host:port: can't read packet header: Success

     warning: milter inet:host:port: can't read SMFIC_DATA reply
     packet header: No such file or directory

To restore compatibility, specify "milter_protocol = 2" in