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postfix-users: RE: Logfile condenser

RE: Logfile condenser

From: Mark Scholten <mark_at_nospam>
Date: Wed Oct 20 2010 - 16:43:45 GMT
To: <>

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> Subject: Re: Logfile condenser
> what I'd like to see is "requirements/needs". that is: what do people
> need?
> once we get that, the implementation is trivial.

I'd like to get some script to process logfiles and gives back the following
- From (address)
- From server (hostname and/or IP)
- Destination (address)
- Destination server (hostname and/or IP)
- Message ID
- Time and date (for the receiving and/or delivery moment)

With the information above I could create statistics on servers without
local mail delivery (I don't care for servers with local mail delivery).

I know the information I want to have is in the postfix logs. Now the
information is on multiple lines and I would like to get everything in a
single line.

Regards, Mark