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postfix-users: Re: question about notifications

Re: question about notifications

From: John Watson <john.watson_at_nospam>
Date: Thu Oct 21 2010 - 19:06:19 GMT

I am close to getting the always_bcc option working. I created an alias in
the mysql alias table that has 'autoreply' mapped to '| /path/to/myscript'.
I setup always_bcc to send messages to 'autoreply'. In the /var/log/maillog
I can see that postfix is attempting to cc the message to my alias but
rather than executing the command it is making an address of the form:

 "| /path/to/" and then trying to send it on.

 I have looked at content filters and started to look at writing a custom
MDA per
I really want this always_bcc solution to work.
 Does anyone know how to make postfix execute the command rather than treat
it as an address? I have seen examples that had "| /path/to/command" and it
looked like it was supposed to just work but those examples weren't using
mysql to store the account info.

 Thanks in advance.
 -John Watson.

On Wed, Oct 20, 2010 at 2:15 PM, mouss <> wrote:

> Le 20/10/2010 21:04, John Watson a écrit :
>> Hello,
>> I am using postfix in conjunction with squirrelmail to build a business
>> application. One of the requirements that I have is that when an email is
>> received in one of the postfix mail boxes an alert is generated. In our case
>> we will be sending a standard message to another email but in general we
>> might want to run arbitrary code when messages are received by postfix.
>> It seems that some of the work that has been done with virus scanners
>> uses a server hook to examine all the messages that pass through the server.
>> Can anyone tell me what that is called or provide a pointer to more detail
>> and is this the best way to solve a problem like this?
> you can do that
> - in your MDA (dovecot, maildrop, ...).
> - by specifying a script as an MDA for those mailboxes that you want...
> I personally prefer the "run the action later".
> - keep delivery as it is
> - have a script that does pop3 (or imap) periodically. this script can do
> anything you want
> the advantage is that
> - bugs in your script won't cause trouble to your delivery
> - if you're under heavy mail stream, you don't add yet more load on your
> server