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postfix-users: recipient limit in policy service

recipient limit in policy service

From: Christian Roessner <c_at_nospam>
Date: Thu Oct 21 2010 - 21:09:34 GMT
To: Postfix users <>


sorry to ask that, but I try to understand a problem that I found by writing a policy server. If I put it into smtpd_resipient_restrictions and a remote MTA connects, sentds its EHLO, MAIL FROM and then a list of RCPT TOs, postfix switches right after the first user to the policy server and waits for the reply, then comes back and maybe does 250 Ok and after all further RCPT TOs, the policy server is not queried again.

I expected that Postfix uses recipient as multi value in the delegation protocol.

I know that it might be a problem, if 20 RCPT TOs are generated, 19 say DUNNO and one says REJECT, but this is a problem of the policy server, in my opinion :-)

Please keep in mind that English is a foreign language for me. It might sound like attack, but it's because of missing words :-)

Is it able to make Postfix waiting until DATA and then giving the full list of all RCPT TOs to the policy server. Maybe in the smtpd_data_restrictions? I tried it, but I only receive an empty list and the recipient counter. But that does not help me.

I really need all recipients in the policy server. Maybe the policy server needs to be queried after _each_ given RCPT TO. Maybe it would be able to make that configurable?

I think, if the problem (20 user, one reject) happens, a policy server would have to decide DUNNO in such a situation.

Or is that something that needs to be implemented in a pre-queue milter?

Any help is welcome

And many thanks in advance


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