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postfix-users: Re: recipient limit in policy service

Re: recipient limit in policy service

From: Wietse Venema <wietse_at_nospam>
Date: Thu Oct 21 2010 - 21:19:59 GMT
To: Christian Roessner <>

Christian Roessner:
> Hi,
> sorry to ask that, but I try to understand a problem that I found
> by writing a policy server. If I put it into smtpd_resipient_restrictions
> and a remote MTA connects, sentds its EHLO, MAIL FROM and then a
> list of RCPT TOs, postfix switches right after the first user to
> the policy server and waits for the reply, then comes back and
> maybe does 250 Ok and after all further RCPT TOs, the policy server
> is not queried again.

You can call the policy daemon from smtpd_data_restrictions (or
smtpd_end_of_data_restrictions if you need to know the actual
message size).

> I expected that Postfix uses recipient as multi value in the
> delegation protocol.

With SMTP. Postfix cannot receive all the RCPT TO commands before
it replies.