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postfix-users: Re: can withholding mails ( postsuper -h ... ) he

Re: can withholding mails ( postsuper -h ... ) help with tens of thousands of spam mails hogging mailq

From: Noel Jones <njones_at_nospam>
Date: Fri Oct 22 2010 - 02:43:22 GMT

On 10/21/2010 8:36 PM, sunhux G wrote:
> Question1:
> --------------
> Title: tens of thousands of spoof/spam mails hog up mailq :
> will 'postsuper -h' placed in a crontab help ?
> I have a case where tens of thousands of spam & spoof emails
> jammed up my
> Linux SMTP mail queue (not that I don't have an anti-spam
> policy but many
> of these mails are innocently/accidentally blasted over by
> internal colleagues):
> mailq | grep MAILER | wc -l ==> tens of thousands

A queue full of undeliverable bounces is caused by accepting
mail you can't deliver. Don't do that.

[snip discussion about sending mail to the hold queue]

> Question is :
> are the 'held' mails still something that will be scanned (& thus
> prolonged the scan time) or scanning of mail queue will skip

Postfix ignores mail in the hold queue. Moving the offending
mail to the hold queue will solve your immediate performance

But going forward, solve the right problem.

> 2nd question:
> ------------------
> Title : Linux OS files that hold postfix incoming & outgoing mails

   -- Noel Jones