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postfix-users: Re: can withholding mails ( postsuper -h ... ) he

Re: can withholding mails ( postsuper -h ... ) help with tens of thousands of spam mails hogging mailq

From: sunhux G <sunhux_at_nospam>
Date: Fri Oct 22 2010 - 04:14:45 GMT

Next question:

Does anyone know the equivalent of sendmail's /var/spool/mqueue and
.../clientqueue files in postfix?

I plan to use a script to extract out the 'witheld' postfix mails, sieve
it & generate out a list of 'witheld' mails to be deleted. Then use a
Shell script to read thru this list to 'postsuper -d " to delete away these
'witheld' mails. I would like to take a backup of these files first, delete
'witheld' mails & just in case I regret the decision later, I can restore
the mail or mail queue files to recover them back.

Can those mails that are tagged as "MAILER-DAEMON" be resumed &
resent to another address - any way to tweak this?

** Lastly, how do I restore the backup files to say another server &
   use postfix to read them