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postfix-users: Re: Is Postfix Checking Spamhaus RBL

Re: Is Postfix Checking Spamhaus RBL

From: Carlos Mennens <carloswill_at_nospam>
Date: Fri Oct 22 2010 - 19:32:25 GMT
To: Postfix <>

On Fri, Oct 22, 2010 at 3:21 PM, Stan Hoeppner <> wrote:
> Is it your Postfix server at IP address, rDNS
>, that is being rejected by remote
> hosts due to the PBL listing?  This does _not_ mean that hosts sending
> mail _to_ your Postfix server will be rejected due to that PBL listing.
> is not listed in Zen.  I don't understand why you included
> this transaction in your post.  It is irrelevant to the issue.
> Can you please clearly state what your question is?  The way you have
> asked it doesn't make sense.

My question is why did a message I send from my client (Thunderbird)
from my ISP connected PC [] who is on the PBL get
rejected when my mail server the message was sent from is The mail server is not on any PBL so what does it matter
if my ISP range of AT&T/Bell South is blacklisted. My mail server is
remote and clean. I don't understand why this message was blocked from
Spamhaus. My Postfix mail server is not on the ISP network what to

This is the reject email back to me:

Failed Recipient:
Reason: Remote host said: 554 Service unavailable; Client host
[] blocked by;

The message above is confusing because []
is NOT That's the IP of where the email originated from
in my Thunderbird mail client. From that IP it was transfered via SMTP
[25] to and that IP is '

I hope that was a bit more clear than my 1st ramble...