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postfix-users: Re: NOQUEUE Relay Access denied

Re: NOQUEUE Relay Access denied

From: <tom_at_nospam>
Date: Tue Oct 26 2010 - 00:52:05 GMT
To: postfix users <>

Noel and others,

> In the specific case of "Relay access denied" it will always
> be the recipient address, but there are other reasons for mail
> to be rejected.
> That section of the log line shows "what" was rejected along
> with a brief text description/reason.
> The "what" can be any part of the SMTP envelope; client, HELO,
> sender, recipient, or in the case of header/body checks, the
> text that matched the rule.

thanks a lot. THAT was the information I was looking for. Problem solved.
Despite of various checks, the client/user still had a typo in his SMTP auth
configuration (*snarf*).