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postfix-users: Re: postqueue -p && postsuper ageout, tra

Re: postqueue -p && postsuper ageout, transfer, ...

From: Jeroen Geilman <jeroen_at_nospam>
Date: Tue Oct 26 2010 - 20:08:45 GMT

On 10/26/2010 09:37 PM, Rok Potočnik wrote:
> On 26.10.2010 21:08, Jeroen Geilman wrote:
>> On 10/26/2010 09:05 PM, Rok Potočnik wrote:
>>> First of all, I'm quite satisfied with Postfix and some other
>>> opensource products which are keeping my life better and I owe a big
>>> *THANK YOU* to all developers etc...
>>> Now on to my questions... I'm using Postfix MTA on some email gateways
>>> and even though I belive I've configured maximal_queue_lifetime to a
>>> small/large enough value (2d) there's still over 1k messages in the
>>> deferred queue.
>> You probably have soft_bounce enabled.
>> Not a good idea on a production server.
>> Disable it, re-queue all mail, done.
> No that won't be it...
> # postconf soft_bounce
> soft_bounce = no

Then you're probably accepting way too much mail that you shouldn't, as
the other guy said.
Even with volumes exceeding 100K per day, I don't have deferred messages.

-- J.