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postfix-users: Need help with SALS and TLS

Need help with SALS and TLS

From: Kory Hamzeh <kory_at_nospam>
Date: Wed Oct 27 2010 - 03:08:47 GMT
To: <>

I am trying to setup postfix to authenticate and relay message from
'traveling' users (user connecting to postfix from outside our network and
IP range). Some of our users are using Apple iPads and connecting with SALS.
Others are using TLS and are mostly Droid smartphones.

SASL is almost working. Users can connect and authenticate using
name/password. They can send mail to domains that we relay for, but if the
destination e-mail is not one of the domains we relay for, the e-mail
bounces with "reject: RCPT".

My TLS setup is a bigger mess. The maillog tells me that a SSL session has
been established, but then the connection seems to get cleared by the client
(Droid). I've looked at many Postfix TLS How-to's, and some of them seem to
contradict the other.

I am wondering if there is a kind soul who can contact me offline at kory at
avatar dot com and help me troubleshoot these issues. I have spent hours
googling and reading on the subject of Postfix TLS support.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.