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postfix-users: Re: Need help with SALS and TLS

Re: Need help with SALS and TLS

From: Patrick Ben Koetter <p_at_nospam>
Date: Wed Oct 27 2010 - 06:49:38 GMT

* Kory Hamzeh <>:
> I am trying to setup postfix to authenticate and relay message from
> 'traveling' users (user connecting to postfix from outside our network and
> IP range). Some of our users are using Apple iPads and connecting with SALS.
> Others are using TLS and are mostly Droid smartphones.
> SASL is almost working. Users can connect and authenticate using
> name/password. They can send mail to domains that we relay for, but if the
> destination e-mail is not one of the domains we relay for, the e-mail
> bounces with "reject: RCPT".

Post "postconf -n" output. You probably forgot to add the authorization rule
to smtpd_recipient_restrictions.

> My TLS setup is a bigger mess. The maillog tells me that a SSL session has
> been established, but then the connection seems to get cleared by the client
> (Droid). I've looked at many Postfix TLS How-to's, and some of them seem to
> contradict the other.

Again: "postconf -n".

> I am wondering if there is a kind soul who can contact me offline at kory at
> avatar dot com and help me troubleshoot these issues. I have spent hours
> googling and reading on the subject of Postfix TLS support.

I'll do that if everything else onlist fails. Others, reading archives, won't
benefit from offlist fixes.


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