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postfix-users: Re: Problem with relaying to Exchange server.

Re: Problem with relaying to Exchange server.

From: Rafał Radecki <radecki.rafal_at_nospam>
Date: Fri Mar 18 2011 - 12:45:53 GMT

W dniu 18 marca 2011 13:04 użytkownik Reindl Harald
<> napisał:
> Am 18.03.2011 12:47, schrieb Rafał Radecki:
> > 2011/3/18 Reindl Harald < <>>
> >
> >  * please do not send html mails to the list
> > Ok.
> and you answered with html
> i will never understand why somebody is formatting plain text as html
> because it is useless overhead and after the third reply / quotation
> the mails are looking like after a bomb-attack if this crap
> is not cleaned as i usually do and did with this reply
> >  * what is "myhostname" in your " <>", this is the EHLO from postfix
> >  Not relevant in this situation, when using telnet I can use whatever helo I want (tested).
> do you want to configure your MTA the right way or does it not
> matter for you and litte luck is enough?
> this is one of the basic configurations

For a simple relaying from my desktop ehlo is not needed to be
configured properly if the server does really nothing with it.
> > * has your hostname a valid a-record/ptr
> >
> > As I see it (based on telnet session) Echange is not veryfing DNS for connecting hosts.
> > Host which I am using doesn't have a valid record.
> even if this is not the problem now, every host needs a valid dns-configuration
> or a better network-admin and yes you should make a clean setup of your MTA because
> if in the future somebody makes a clean config on the target-server (HELO-check, dns-check..)
> you will fail
This is true but and I would enforce using DNS here but I cannot.
> >  * why does exchange give such a useless answer?
> > I am not the person responsible fo configuration of the Exchange server
> i did not see this lines
> > default_transport = error
> > relay_transport = error
> > local_transport = error
Obviously you didn't see those perfectly visible lines which a postfix
guru (which I am not) should see (as Vietse did).
> sorry, but what did you expect with this lines and why
> you are setting them if you not understand what they do?
> exchange is not involved because you misconfigured your postfix, maybe postfix should
> fail to start with a big message "somebody forced me to die" :-)
Please do not post pointless comments. I asked for help not for this.
> > relayhost = []:25
> why this way instead simply the ip-address as long standard-ports
> are used and why in the world a ip-address which works only
> as long nobody is replacing the exchange server and give him a new ip
> dns was invented a long time ago
I am aware of that, simply in my company DNS isn't used properly and I
can't change it.