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postfix-users: Re: is this DNS setup RFC-correct ?

Re: is this DNS setup RFC-correct ?

From: mouss <mouss_at_nospam>
Date: Thu Oct 28 2010 - 19:34:33 GMT
To: ML postfix <>

Le 25/10/2010 18:20, Leonardo Rodrigues a écrit :
> Hi,
> This question is not postfix-related .... so its somehow
> off-topic. But it's related to mail systems, so i cant imagine any
> other place to get some help on this subject.
> I have a domain ( with lots of subdomains in the
> format
> (about 40 different subdomains) have only 2
> (two) DNS entries:
> nnn IN MX 10
> nnn IN TXT "v=spf1 -all"
> there's absolutely no A entries for the subdomains.
> i'm having an isolated problem with a customer that cannot send
> mails to one of my subdomains (everything else is working fine,
> several thousand of messages flowing daily, this really seems to be an
> isolated problem). Altough, their sysadmin (from the domain which
> cannot send us mail) is telling what i'm doing (having an MX entry but
> no A entries) is RFC-illegal, altough he cannot point me which RFC i'm
> not complaining with.
> i really dont know if this setup (MX record but no A record) is
> RFC-OK. The only think i know is that it's been working for years and
> i receive thousand of emails daily on my several subdomains with no
> problem at all.
> question is .... do a domain (or in my case, a subdomain) *MUST*
> have an A record ? Is the config i'm doing (DNS speaking) correct or
> incorrect (RFC-speaking) ??

to receive email, you need either an MX OR an A record. you do not need

Obviously, Wietse has no problem receiving email:

$ host -t a has no A record
$ host -t mx mail is handled by 10
$ host -t a has address

nor do I (for

$ host -t a has no A record
$ host -t mx mail is handled by 10
$ host -t a has address

while many domains have an A record, this is related to the web, not
smtp. it's just so that works (for mobile devices,
"www." is 4 chars...).

Anyway, the "common" way to configure MX servers is MX 10 A

that is
- the domain has an MX record which is a "hostname"
- that hostname has an A record