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postfix-users: Re: Posfix: deliver to spam folder analog of reje

Re: Posfix: deliver to spam folder analog of reject_rbl_client

From: Noel Butler <noel.butler_at_nospam>
Date: Fri Oct 29 2010 - 06:47:32 GMT

On Thu, 2010-10-28 at 07:52 -0400, John Peach wrote:

> > Right, so, how is THAT a false positive, it is a justifiable listing
> > if they became part of the problem.
> >
> I never said it was a false positive. Just that it's a waste of time
> trying to get delisted; we gave up with that years ago.

Really? No one I've met who actually requested delisting was ignored or
refused, sure, a few years ago it was taking a few weeks to get out of
it, but it got there in the end without pestering.

A lot of people are just spreading FUD because of them reading the
requirements (which werent requirements) and never bothering to ask
fearing theyd have to pay, and IIRC, it was a charity not SORBS,
probably a bad idea, sometimes the scare tactic can backfire, I believe
the web page is updated (or will be soon) reflecting this.

IMHO, it comes down to laziness of those admins not chasing up, what do
you do when you get in spamcop, wait till your listing expires, get
relisted, wait until it expires again (being a longer listing period).

SORBS only gave me one headache many many years ago, it took no time to
get it resolved, and they have been ultra reliable here, they are
heavily used by Australian and New Zealand ISP's, probably of little
consequence to Americans though.