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selinux: Error building the userspace tools

Error building the userspace tools

From: James Carter <jwcart2_at_nospam>
Date: Wed Jan 06 2010 - 20:37:26 GMT
To: Joshua Brindle <>

I don't know what the correct fix for this is, but when I make the userspace tools with "make LIBDIR=/usr/lib64 SHLIBDIR=/lib64", I need the patch below for everything to compile.

What I don't know is:
1) Why is this only required when I am specifying lib64? 2) Since it is libsemanage that is using libustr and libbz2, why does semodule and setsebool need to specify them?

This occurs on Fedora 12. Is the problem due to a difference in the way Fedora is building the userspace tools?

diff --git a/policycoreutils/semodule/Makefile b/policycoreutils/semodule/Makefile index c96a286..feba570 100644
--- a/policycoreutils/semodule/Makefile

+++ b/policycoreutils/semodule/Makefile
@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@ LIBDIR ?= ${PREFIX}/lib  

 CFLAGS ?= -Werror -Wall -W
 override CFLAGS += -I$(INCLUDEDIR)
-LDLIBS = -lsepol -lselinux -lsemanage -L$(LIBDIR)
+LDLIBS = -lustr -lbz2 -lsepol -lselinux -lsemanage -L$(LIBDIR)  SEMODULE_OBJS = semodule.o  

 all: semodule
diff --git a/policycoreutils/setsebool/Makefile b/policycoreutils/setsebool/Makefile index 556b780..214abc3 100644
--- a/policycoreutils/setsebool/Makefile
+++ b/policycoreutils/setsebool/Makefile @@ -7,7 +7,7 @@ LIBDIR ?= ${PREFIX}/lib  

 CFLAGS ?= -Werror -Wall -W
 override CFLAGS += -I$(INCLUDEDIR)
-LDLIBS = -lsepol -lselinux -lsemanage -L$(LIBDIR)
+LDLIBS = -lustr -lbz2 -lsepol -lselinux -lsemanage -L$(LIBDIR)  SETSEBOOL_OBJS = setsebool.o  

 all: setsebool

James Carter <>
National Security Agency


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