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selinux: Security Context Type Changes

Security Context Type Changes

From: Tomas, Gregg A (IS) <Gregg.Tomas_at_nospam>
Date: Wed Jan 06 2010 - 22:34:49 GMT
To: <>


We are currently integrating our SELinux Policy on a RHEL5 machine. However, we are having difficulty in restricting our application within a specific directory because "something" changes our security context type of our users to init_t instead of unconfined_t. Root gets changed to (i.e. <user>:<role>:init_t). We are running with init level 4. We must have tried everything in the book to determine what changes the security context type of our users. Would anyone have any tips?  

We did change inittab to run init level 5, touch /.autorelabel, rebooted, checked id -Z and it is unconfined_t. However, ultimately we would like to run with init 4.  

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