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selinux: ANN: Reference Policy Release

ANN: Reference Policy Release

From: Christopher J. PeBenito <cpebenito_at_nospam>
Date: Tue Dec 14 2010 - 16:39:39 GMT

A new release of the SELinux Reference Policy is now available on
the Tresys OSS site, This release primarily
focused on general maintenance.

The complete change log for this release follows at the end of the

For people interested in helping Reference Policy development, the X
desktop and role separation needs testing, in addition to general

* Mon Dec 13 2010 Chris PeBenito <> - 2.20101213
- Git man page from Dominick Grift.
- Alsa and oident home content cleanup from Dominick Grift.
- Add support for custom build options.
- Unconditional staff and user oidentd home config access from Dominick
- Conditional mmap_zero support from Dominick Grift.
- Added devtmpfs support.
- Dbadm updates from KaiGai Kohei.
- Virtio disk file context update from Mika Pfluger.
- Increase bindreservport range to 512-1024 in corenetwork, from Dan Walsh.
- Add JIT usage for freshclam.
- Remove ethereal module since the application was renamed to wireshark.
- Remove duplicate/redundant rules, from Russell Coker.
- Increased default number of categories to 1024, from Russell Coker.
- Added modules:
        accountsd (Dan Walsh)
        cgroup (Dominick Grift)
        hadoop (Paul Nuzzi)
        kdumpgui (Dan Walsh)
        livecd (Dan Walsh)
        mojomojo (Lain Arnell)
        sambagui (Dan Walsh)
        shutdown (Dan Walsh)
        sosreport (Dan Walsh)
        vlock (Harry Ciao)

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