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selinux: contents of /etc/selinux/<type>/contexts/users/*

contents of /etc/selinux/<type>/contexts/users/*

From: Hasan Rezaul-CHR010 <CHR010_at_nospam>
Date: Wed Jan 20 2010 - 16:29:54 GMT
To: "Stephen Smalley" <>

Hi All,

Can you please point me to documentation that describes the syntax details of the files found in the directory:

/etc/selinux/<type>/contexts/users/ local.users root staff_u system.users unconfined_u user_u

These files are already created for me, with several lines in them. I would like to better understand what the content of these files really mean and what its really doing... This way, I could perhaps make some adjustments to customize them for my specific needs. Thanks in advance. -- This message was distributed to subscribers of the selinux mailing list. If you no longer wish to subscribe, send mail to with the words "unsubscribe selinux" without quotes as the message.