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selinux: Re: X avcs

Re: X avcs

From: Eamon Walsh <ewalsh_at_nospam>
Date: Thu Jan 10 2008 - 21:14:12 GMT
To: Glenn Faden <>

Glenn Faden wrote:
> Ted X Toth wrote:
>> Currently the root window drawable is labeled s0 which is system low
>> but it seems like it should be system high (s15:c0.c1023).
> We treat it as system low to make screen snapshots and animations work
> properly. It also provides better integrity. Why should it be system high?
> I think you want to make a distinction between the root drawable (as a
> viewable image) and as a conduit for event notification. In our
> implementation the drawable is system low, but the label for sending
> events to the root window is essentially system high. Anyone can send an
> event to the root window, but these events are only delivered to TCB
> clients. The ability to express interest in such events is restricted.

I have to think about this some more, but currently there is no separation between event destination and drawable in the SELinux model - they are the same object. The abiliy to read/write the drawable and send/receive events are separate TE permissions.

The contexts on the root window and root colormap are derived through type transitions from the context of the X server process. I think the root window probably should be system-high, because without some kind of censoring logic, if you can read the contents of a window in X you can read all of its children as well. Screenshot applications and the window-manager animations should both be at system-high as well so there wouldn't be a problem here, no?

> We also have a fairly complex policy on labeling the root colormap in
> which each color cell is independently labeled. This is an artifact of
> the graphics hardware we supported (8bit color maps).

"Requested 84 colors, got 0." Who can forget those days. Anyway, the original set of X security classes did have a "color" class that was intended for individual color cells, however I dropped it in my revision because I decided it would be too much work to fully secure the colormap implementation given the fact that hardly anything uses indexed-color mode anymore, and even things that do can just install their own colormaps.

>> As for polyinstantiating properties I've been looking at dix property,
>> xace and xselinux and thinking about how it could be done. Looking at
>> property.c it seems like FindProperty would be the logical place to
>> search for properties based on name, context and probably a list of
>> singleton root window properties (as Glenn mentions). Currently
>> FindProperty doesn't use XaceHook and it is unclear whether
>> XACE_PROPERTY_ACCESS would be the right hook. Also other functions,
>> ProcGetProperty, don't use FindProperty to find properties.
>> Regarding the idea of setting the context when a property is written
>> this would only be feasible when the mode was PropModeReplace. Even if
>> this were deemed a reasonable approach there'd probably still be a
>> list of singleton root window properties that writers could not change
>> the context of.
>> We really need a solution to the issue of polyinstantiated properties
>> or there is no way X apps will run in MLS enforcing mode.
> We implemented this before XACE was developed. I think a new hook is
> required.
> --Glenn
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