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shorewall-devel: Re: [Shorewall-devel] Executables under /usr/sh

Re: [Shorewall-devel] Executables under /usr/share

From: Tom Eastep <teastep_at_nospam>
Date: Mon Mar 21 2011 - 01:29:45 GMT

On 3/20/11 5:51 PM, Jonathan Underwood wrote:
> On 20 March 2011 23:08, Jonathan Underwood <> wrote:
>> On 20 March 2011 22:15, Tom Eastep <> wrote:
>>> On 3/20/11 2:17 PM, Jonathan Underwood wrote:
>>>> Is this something you'd consider changing? I can work up a patch if you'd like.
>>> I should add though that 4.4.19 Beta2 move the entire
>>> /usr/share/shorewall directory. So a patch is still needed.
>> OK, looking into it.
> OK, have posted a series of patches as a start towards this.
> However, my Perl skills are pretty much non-existant.
> Patch 05 is probably brain dead
> Also, moving the file to /usr/libexec means it won't find
> the shorewall perl modules located under /usr/share/shorewall, and so
> a line needs adding to the top of it to be something like:
> use lib '/usr/share/shorewall/Shorewall';
> ... but I wasn't sure how to achieve this without hardcoding
> "/usr/share/shorewall", whereas what we want to do is use $SHARE from
> ...
> Anyway, hope this is helpful.

Thanks, Jonathan

The Perl thing is troubling because my development process and the
released code expects the modules to exist in the directory Shorewall
located in the same directory as

I'll work on that.

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