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shorewall-devel: Re: [Shorewall-devel] Executables under /usr/sh

Re: [Shorewall-devel] Executables under /usr/share

From: Tom Eastep <teastep_at_nospam>
Date: Mon Mar 21 2011 - 14:26:18 GMT

On 3/21/11 4:49 AM, Jonathan Underwood wrote:
> On 21 March 2011 01:29, Tom Eastep <> wrote:
>> Thanks, Jonathan
>> The Perl thing is troubling because my development process and the
>> released code expects the modules to exist in the directory Shorewall
>> located in the same directory as
> A couple of options that occur to me:
> 1) Move the Shorewall perl modules such that they're installed under a
> directory in the perl vendor lib location (i.e. location given by perl
> -V:installvendorlib which) - this would be /usr/share/perl5/Shorewall
> on my system. This would be placing the modules in a location already
> on the search path.
> 2) same as (1) but under perl -V:sitevendorlib (this is probably the
> recommended approach)
> 3) use the -I option when calling the compiler from the shell scripts
> 4) Use @INC in to point to the directory containing the
> shorewall perl modules
> J.

Hi Jonathan,

I was thinking along the lines of option 2 myself (although I think that
it is 'perl -V:sitelib'). The problem with that, in my view, is that if
Perl is upgraded to a new version, then the Shorewall libraries are in
the wrong directory. That's not an issue for you as you can use RPM
dependencies insure that Shorewall and perl are upgraded together. But
it seems like a sharp edge that users of the standalone install script
can cut themselves on.

The other bothersome detail about this whole thing is that Debian-based
systems don't even have a /usr/libexec/ directory.

As long as I'm adding all of this installation flexibility into 4.4.19,
I think I should just parameterize the location of these executable
scripts so that individual distributions can put them where they want
to. The defaults will remain as they are in the current installer.

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