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shorewall-devel: [Shorewall-devel] Documentation Update

[Shorewall-devel] Documentation Update

From: James <purpleidea_at_nospam>
Date: Thu Mar 31 2011 - 18:55:33 GMT
To: shorewall-devel <>

Hi Shorewall-devel,

In the documentation at: it explains how
to include files inside a rules.d/ directory with the SHELL command.

This is great, and including directories is a great feature, however if
the shell command returns false, then shorewall doesn't start (this is
good) and stderr is also printed out (also good.) For including rules
most users probably want:

SHELL cat /etc/shorewall/rules.d/*.rules 2> /dev/null || true

So I thought perhaps we could add that to the docs if you see fit.


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