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spamassassin-dev: Re: September 30th release candidate Re: [Bug

Re: September 30th release candidate Re: [Bug 6658] Version 3.2.5 looks like it would be reasonable to install according to web site

From: Kevin A. McGrail <KMcGrail_at_nospam>
Date: Tue Sep 13 2011 - 19:50:58 GMT

> Woo. September 30th will be a 3.4.0 release candidate, right? Who gets to
> be release manager this time?
> I think the general consensus was *not* to branch 3.4.0 off of trunk, but
> to leave it in trunk, and just do releases from trunk for a while?
> Time to wrap up some last minute bugs. Which ones actually need to get
> closed for a release?

My $0.02:

re: 3.4.0RC. Hard to say if it's 3.3.X or a 3.4.X. We have the minor
API change with one variable is about the only reason to call it 3.4
because that API change needs to wait for a major release. I'm not sure
ANYTHING else classifies as a major change.

I'd like to make a goal to get sa-update a lot cleaner and ipv6 native
release which I'm working on infrastructure for and call it 3.4.x.

re: Release manager. We still have a cart before the horse issue on
release manager due to the key signature. The number of people who can
sign a release is dramatically too low. I might step up as the manager
so I can document more of the process and so we have more hands making
light work

re: leaving 3.4 as trunk to me makes sense. We have nothing major
enough in the works to justify otherwise EXCEPT our r-t-c rules for
branches vs trunk. I could argue it either way which probably means I'd
vote to maintain status quo (i.e. to move trunk to a branch and create a
new trunk).