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spamassassin-dev: Re: Conflict of interest on plugins and rule s

Re: Conflict of interest on plugins and rule sets pages

From: Kevin A. McGrail <KMcGrail_at_nospam>
Date: Tue Apr 05 2011 - 16:55:06 GMT

On 4/3/2011 2:05 PM, wrote:
> Short version, since this got long: Should I clean up the rule sets page
> ( )?
Personally, I think the fact that you have disclosed the potential
conflict of interest is the first step.

However, I wonder if there aren't better uses of your time than cleaning
up Wiki's? The plugins and rules are something that are always
considered a buyer beware otherwise we run the risk of vetting
everything forever.

> In October, started requiring payment from sites hitting it more
> than 100,000 times per day. I've been involved in since 2006,
> I've been an admin since there was an admin interface, and I've provided
> one of the DNS servers since 2007.
> I have never received a cent from anything related to, or anything
> else related to spam, and I don't expect I ever will.
> I added my (dnswl) plugin to the custom plugins page, and then deleted 39
> of the 48 plugins listed above it. And then I moved 3 of the remaining
> (commercial) plugins below it.
> I believe what I did was entirely in the best interests of the spamassassin
> project, but it sounds kind of terrible. If I had to choose between
> keeping the changes I've made to that page and removing the dnswl plugin,
> vs. reverting the cleanup I did and keeping the dnswl plugin, I'd be
> much happier with removing the dnswl plugin, to eliminate conflict
> of interest. Admittedly, this is partially due to my own frustration with
> Now I just added the rules for my new IP reputation thing to the custom
> rule sets page. Which reminded me I want to clean up that page too.
> But I'd rather have my stuff listed on the rule sets page than clean
> it up, if I have to choose.
> So how do you guys feel about me cleaning up the custom rule sets page?
> I have complete confidence in my ability to do it purely in the best
> interests of the spamassassin project, but recognize the conflict of
> interest.
> Due to lessons learned from the plugins page cleanup, I'd ask the contacts
> to either email me to let me know their rule set listing should be updated,
> or update it themselves, with instructions on how to request wiki access.
> The rule sets page has about quarter as many entries as the plugins page
> did.