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spamassassin-dev: Re: September 30th release candidate Re: [Bug

Re: September 30th release candidate Re: [Bug 6658] Version 3.2.5 looks like it would be reasonable to install according to web site

From: Mark Martinec <Mark.Martinec+sa_at_nospam>
Date: Wed Sep 14 2011 - 00:12:56 GMT

> On 2011-09-13 22:23, wrote:
> > We waste so much time backporting to the last branch. And trunk has been
> > incredibly stable. I hate to see releases that aren't taken from trunk,
> > seems like a waste of time and effort.
> for once I agree with Darxus :)
> There are a few usefull additions/fixes in 3.4 trunk which won't ever
> get backported and it would be a pity to have to wait

Yes, no need to waste effort on 3.3.3, there are no critical problems
with 3.3.2.

Axb wrote:
> I'd +1 to cut a "beta1" out of trunk.

Kevin wrote:
> I'd like to make a goal to get sa-update a lot cleaner and ipv6 native
> release which I'm working on infrastructure for and call it 3.4.x.

I agree, fixing the sa-update's problem of repeated downloads when
some intermediate stage fails should be considered a blocker for 3.4.0.
Making sa-update IPv6 capable would be highly desirable, now that Kevin
has provided a dual-stack mirror (thanks Kevin!). A major release
is a good opportunity for both of these changes.

I still need to fix one issue with AskDNS plugin...