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spamassassin-dev: Re: September 30th release candidate

Re: September 30th release candidate

From: Mark Martinec <Mark.Martinec+sa_at_nospam>
Date: Wed Sep 14 2011 - 00:57:38 GMT

Mark wrote:
> > To me it makes most sense to create a 3.4 branch at the time of a release
> > or shortly before it. So I'm closer to Kevin on this than with Daryl.

Daryl wrote:
> Perhaps I'm not following what has been said here. I thought it was
> being suggested we use trunk "forever" as the 3.4 development tree,
> rather than branching it at some point.
> I'm all for RTC'ing trunk sometime just before an RC is cut and then
> branching once the final release is cut. That's what we've always done
> -- so no change there. I think it's even in the release procedures.

Apperently I haven't been paying attention too. I agree with
what Daryl says here.

darxus wrote:
> Because trunk works as well as 3.3, it's stable, and there's no reason to
> put off releasing it, and no reason to do another 3.3 release.
> Why not do a release from trunk?


> I appreciate your concern for quality releases. It's part of the reason I
> run trunk, regularly updated, on my mail server. SpamAssassin's bigger
> problem right now is stagnation, and backports are a problem not a
> solution.

Right. We run trunk too, as well as some of our friends.
It's the current trunk code that gets exercised most under scrutiny,
and any problems there were being fixed quickly.