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spamassassin-dev: [Bug 6633] new functionality: limiting bayes e

[Bug 6633] new functionality: limiting bayes engine to mail not larger than...

From: <bugzilla-daemon_at_nospam>
Date: Tue Sep 20 2011 - 21:40:15 GMT

Marcin <> changed:

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--- Comment #3 from Marcin <> 2011-09-20 21:40:15 UTC ---
I've made some observation and i've got sample of problematic mail (this mail
is ham). When i invoke spam test using spamassassin<email it took about 2
minutes to scan, it's acceptable by me. Problem appears when i run test using
spamc (this is also the way exim does communicate with spamd), spamc quits
after 10 minutes without report. Spamd does cpu load for 2 minutes next idles.
Strace spamc hangs in this moment:
shutdown(3, 1 /* send */) = 0
rt_sigaction(SIGALRM, {0x19375d90, [], 0}, {SIG_DFL, [], 0}, 8) = 0
alarm(600) = 0

Darxus, i prefer not to use additional, external tool to scan emails. Imho it
should be done at mta level.
John, it looks the problem isn't in bayes but i'm not sure what is the root of
timeout, this is reason i don't change summary in bug. I'll attach sample
email, i have to obfuscate some information inside headers and body, it
shuldn't do diference for spamassassin.

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