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spamassassin-dev: [Bug 6663] Use unsigned database fields for in

[Bug 6663] Use unsigned database fields for int

From: <bugzilla-daemon_at_nospam>
Date: Wed Sep 21 2011 - 22:22:17 GMT

--- Comment #4 from Mark Martinec <> 2011-09-21 22:22:17 UTC ---
> My patch includes awl_mysql.sql, bayes_mysql.sql and userpref_mysql.sql

Where is the patch? Should probably be attached here.

> As a secondary question should UTF-8 or another?

Which fields?

A fix for a MySQL data type of bayes_token.token is already in trunk,
it should be binary (just as it already is for PostgreSQL) as it
contains octets which are not associated with any character set.
See Bug 6625.

As for other fields, like username or IP address or preference
or a value of a preference, I don't know - these should probably
also not be associated with any particular character set so a
varbinary would probably suit them best, but ascii (or Latin-1)
is just as good as they are not supposed to contain any characters
outside of the printable ascii set.

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