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spamassassin-dev: Non-English accuracy Re: Rescore Masscheck for

Non-English accuracy Re: Rescore Masscheck for 3.4.x?

From: <darxus_at_nospam>
Date: Thu Sep 22 2011 - 17:59:50 GMT

On 09/22, Warren Togami Jr. wrote:
> On a separate note, I have a volunteer at school willing to help us build
> a Mandarin language ham corpus a few months from now. That will be
> interesting to see how that throws off our statistics. =)

I've been wondering about SA's accuracy on other languages. It looks like
the only corpus we have is your wt-jp1? What's the accuracy like on that?
Is the accuracy available somewhere on ruleqa? I'm actually more curious
about accuracy of *spam* in non-English, because I'd say a very
significant portion of my missed spam is in a non-Latin alphabet.
And I don't want to just tell SA to classify non-English as spam because
it would be nice if SA was actually usable for people who speak these

75 out of the 113 spams SA has missed so far this month have subjects in a
non-Latin alphabet. 66.4%. That doesn't even include a bunch of the
non-English stuff.

(I'm also not using bayes.)

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