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spamassassin-dev: [Bug 6644] Using trunk for SA 3.4.x tests runn

[Bug 6644] Using trunk for SA 3.4.x tests running sa-update doesn't supply ....

From: <bugzilla-daemon_at_nospam>
Date: Mon Oct 31 2011 - 16:35:10 GMT

--- Comment #7 from Darxus <> 2011-10-31 16:35:10 UTC ---
REV=`dig +short TXT|tr -d '"'`; wget -P
/root/sa-update/${REV}.tar.gz${REV}.tar.gz.asc${REV}.tar.gz.sha1 ; sa-update
--install /root/sa-update/${REV}.tar.gz

Seems to work. (dont' forget to mkdir /root/sa-update )

So is this recommended for people running trunk? I think it would be better if
a normal sa-update just worked, with scores. But I guess I don't understand
the need for the way it's currently working.

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