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Change at

From: Matthias Leisi <matthias_at_nospam>
Date: Sat Oct 02 2010 - 18:48:45 GMT

Hello all, has been running as a pure volunteer project since 2006.
However, given the changing anti-spam industry and the challenges
ahead, we decided that we need some sound financial basis. In a number
of steps, we will introduce a subscription model for "heavy" users and
vendors of anti-spam solutions using our data.

The vast majority of our 50'000 users will not be affected by this
change, since they neither need rsync access nor are they "heavy"
users (which we define as above 100'000 queries / 24 hours on our
public nameserver mirrors). Those who contribute to the project (eg
with resources, data, time, know how) will get a free subscription,
and we plan to introduce a reduced rate for educational and
not-for-profit organisations.

The current implementation schedule is in this blog posting:

Any inputs are of course appreciated - and you are very welcome to
contribute to the project :)

-- Matthias