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spamassassin-users: Re: New plugin: DecodeShortURLs

Re: New plugin: DecodeShortURLs

From: Brent Gardner <brent.gardner_at_nospam>
Date: Tue Oct 05 2010 - 20:35:19 GMT

Steve Freegard wrote:
> Hi All,
> On 17/09/10 14:11, Steve Freegard wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> Recently I've been getting a bit of filter-bleed from a bunch of spams
>> injected via Hotmail/Yahoo that contain shortened URLs e.g.
>> that upon closer inspection would have been rejected with a high score
>> if the real URL had been used.
>> To that end - it annoyed me enough to write a plug-in that decodes the
>> shortened URL using an HTTP HEAD request to extract the location header
>> sent by the shortening service and to put this into the list of
>> extracted URIs for other plug-ins to find (such as URIDNSBL).
>> On the messages I tested it with - it raised the scores from <5 to >10
>> based on URIDNSBL hits which is just what I wanted.
>> Hopefully it will be useful to others; you can grab it from:
> I've just put up a new version at the above URLs (v0.3) which adds the
> following new features:
> - Now follows 'chained' short URLs (e.g. shortURL -> shortURL -> real)
> When chained URLs are detected the rule 'SHORT_URL_CHAINED' is fired.
> If a chained loop is detected the rule 'SHORT_URL_LOOP' is fired.
> If more than 10 chained URLs are found 'SHORT_URL_MAXCHAIN' is fired
> and no further redirections are checked.
> - If the shortener returns 404 (e.g. not found) for the short URL then
> 'SHORT_URL_404' is fired.
> - Prevent amavis from die'ing on eval block tests by adding "local
> $SIG{'__DIE__'} to each block.
> - Added option to allow logging to syslog (
> Kind regards,
> Steve.
I've been testing this plugin, version 0.5. I'm running SpamAssassin
v3.2.5 on CentOS v5.5 32-bit, Perl v5.8.8. I've been testing using a
test message and changing out the URLs it contains.

Using URLs like these:

I consistently hit on these rules:


I can understand hitting on HAS_SHORT_URL and SHORT_URL_404, but why is

Brent Gardner