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spamassassin-users: Re: Whitelist questions

Re: Whitelist questions

From: Alex <mysqlstudent_at_nospam>
Date: Wed Oct 06 2010 - 04:35:38 GMT
To: SA Mailing list <>


>> We _really_ need to change that rule's description...
> Uhm, while I would never argue that naming to be unfortunate in
> hindsight, despite most of the time actually matching its stated goal...
> I blame this one on Alex (the otherwise anonymous $mysqlstudent). He's
> been around long enough, by far, to know about this. Just simply and
> occasionally glimpsing threads on this list should have told him.

Yes, my fault. I have experimented with it in the past on smaller
systems, but never wanted to implement it on any system that was
particularly critical based on what I've read here.

I had recently implemented it on a smaller production system based on
some documentation that I read outside of, that also
talked about using bayes with mysql.

Hope that helps to explain what happened, and I'll be sure to read
more thoroughly before implementing on my larger production systems.