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spamassassin-users: Re: Question about Max msg size

Re: Question about Max msg size

From: jdow <jdow_at_nospam>
Date: Thu Oct 07 2010 - 00:35:27 GMT
To: <>

From: "durwood" <>
Sent: Wednesday, 2010/October/06 14:38
>>> What amavisd-new finally did was to pass the first (x) bytes to SA so
> ?> that at least the spam didn't get a RBL free pass.
>>> Nothing like that in spamd/spamc, but why not open a bug?
>> Because it *is* filed already. Please first search bugzilla, then open
>> a bug report.
> Pinging this thread to see if there's been any progress or decision on
> this
> bug.
> I too am starting to see quite a bit of spam that's *just* over the 500k
> threshold due to ~4K-sized image attached to the spam. It almost makes me
> wonder if they are doing this just to get it over the standard
> SpamAssassin
> threshold.
> It seems like the size limit should be applied to the searchable parts of
> the email, not any attached images.

As I see it, Durwood, you have a "default settings" problem. Perhaps you
need to customize a little. I've no problem with the concept because I
tend to change default passwords and things like that as well. (Default
passwords is what made Stuxnet so dangerous to SCADA tools from Seimans.)