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spamassassin-users: Re: Rules updates

Re: Rules updates

From: LuKreme <kremels_at_nospam>
Date: Wed Jun 09 2010 - 16:30:54 GMT

On 9-Jun-2010, at 10:25, Alex wrote:
> Hi,
>>> It would be great if you could document exactly what features are
>>> exclusively available in 3.3.x? In other words, can you quantify how
>>> much is being missed by continuing to use v3.2.5?
>> All new rules. All current spam-fighting measures.
> Yes, I realize that. I was hoping for specifics. Which new rules?

The entire rule database was redone, so asking which new rules doesn't make a lot of sense. Many rules were added, but many were removed as well.

All new rues also means all-new rules, I guess.

> Is it a matter of patterns that are being used that can't be implemented
> in v3.2.5? What are those current spam-fighting measures?

It's an entirely new ruleset. You cannot take the 3.3 rules and drop then into 3.2.5 and have it work, for example.

> It seems the FEATURE LIST describes the features that have been
> developed to implement the "current spam-fighting measures", but
> doesn't actually describe those measures, unless I'm missing it.

I think if you think of it more like an anti-virus tool it will make more sense; it's not really about the new features as much as it is about being effective. running 3.2.5 is a lot like running a year-old Norton.

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