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spamassassin-users: Re: Rule works in testing, but not hitting l

Re: Rule works in testing, but not hitting live mail

From: Lawrence _at_nospam <_at_nospam>
Date: Fri Oct 29 2010 - 19:02:31 GMT

On 29/10/2010 4:06 PM, NFN Smith wrote:
> Lawrence @ Rogers wrote:
>> On 29/10/2010 3:32 PM, NFN Smith wrote:
>>> header LR_OBSC_RECIPS To =~ /\"\<\"/
>> Is this rule being used standalone, or as part of a meta rule? Do you
>> have a score declared for it? If so, what is it?
> Right now, I'm scoring at 1.25 points. Thus, it's not a hidden rule.
> Also, in testing, not only is the rule showing as expected in the
> SpamAssassinReport.txt attachment, the debug log is also showing that
> the rule is firing correctly.
>>> Oct 29 18:30:18.807 [27696] dbg: rules: ran header rule
>>> LR_OBSC_RECIPS ======> got hit: ""<""
>> Does spamassassin --lint report any errors at the end of its output?
> I double-checked, and a --lint check comes up clean.
> When I apply rules updates to working configurations, I use a script,
> and part of that script includes a --lint check. If --lint complains,
> then I don't replicate the update to my production servers.
> Smith
Are you running it against an e-mail with a known match? Using
spamassassin -D -t sample-spam.txt and having sample-spam.txt contain
the complete e-mail including headers?

Are you sure the machine in question doesn't have 2 copies of SA
installed (I have seen this before on cPanel servers, one installed via
CPAN and the other via RPM)