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syslog-ng-users: Re: [syslog-ng] [PATCH] afmongodb: Support syst

Re: [syslog-ng] [PATCH] afmongodb: Support system-installed libmongo-client at configure time.

From: Gergely Nagy <algernon_at_nospam>
Date: Fri Jul 22 2011 - 09:03:18 GMT
To: Balazs Scheidler <>

Balazs Scheidler <> writes:

> Hi,
> On Wed, 2011-07-20 at 19:44 +0200, Balazs Scheidler wrote:
>> thanks. it really helps me, as upgrading glib would draw a lot of
>> effort, which I'd like to spend elsewhere.
> I've updated the internal libmongo-client to 0.1.3. I've needed a fix
> for g_checksum_new() autodetection, as it didn't use the proper -L
> linker option, thus it used the system installed glib, instead of the
> one in my private prefix.

Argh, right. I forgot to test this case. I'll pick your patch over,
thank you!

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