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syslog-ng-users: Re: [syslog-ng] [RFC]: value-pairs()

Re: [syslog-ng] [RFC]: value-pairs()

From: Gergely Nagy <algernon_at_nospam>
Date: Mon Jan 24 2011 - 23:44:10 GMT
To: Syslog-ng users' and developers' mailing list <>

> > value-pairs (
> > glob-select ("usracct.*")
> > glob-exclude ("*.*id")
> > builtins (no)
> > "program_n_pid" = "$PROGRAM[$PID]"
> > )
> >
> I would like to have the select/exclude take a style and an expression so that
> the use of gnu regex could be used (if supported by syslog-ng) or perl regex
> or glob. Perhaps only glob and perl regex are supported now but there may be
> a faster regular expression tool that becomes available in the future that
> could be added without breaking backwards compatibility.

Part of the reason for the glob- is precisely due to this reason: so
that other -select/-exclude styles can be added.

Instead of what you propose, we'd have pcre-select() or xpath-select()
or whatever else there is need for.

> The use of $HOST or any other macro should always refer to the content of the macro,
> so for the purpose of identifying macros by name, a syntax
> macro (HOST MESSAGE)
> could be used. I think this is more intuitive than using the $HOST names.

That makes sense, thank you!

> Finally, each of these value-pairs definitions is of the form
> keyword ( arguments )
> so for consistency I would suggest that defining custom keys should be done with something
> of the format
> define ( "program_n_pid", "$PROGRAM[$PID]")
> for complete orthogonal consistency this should be
> define ( macro="program_n_pid", value="$PROGRAM[$PID]")
> but that may be a little bit of overkill.

Yeah, it would be. :)

I'd rather have something that might be a little bit inconsistent (eg,
the glob-* stuff being the exception), yet expressive and not overly
long, than something that's consistent, but too verbose.

I do see your point, though, and thanks a lot for the ideas!

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