Mailing List Archives
These mailing lists are designed for users to keep up to date with the latest security releases
amavis-announce debian-security-announce freeBSD-security-notifications ubuntu-security-announce
suse-security-announce mandriva-security-announce openbsd-security-announce enterprise-watch-list
slackware-security gentoo-announce mysql-announce clamav-announce
linux-kernel-announce openantivirus-announce openssh-unix-announce openbsd-ports-security
postfix-announce snort-announce spamassassin-announce wireshark-announce
openldap-announce spamassassin-news shorewall-announce infosec-news
risks-info samba-announce drbd-announce netfilter-announce
dhcp-announce bind-announce syslog-ng-announce
Vendor Security Discussion
General security discussion groups.
debian-security engarde-users gentoo-security fedora-selinux
gentoo-hardened ubuntu-hardened
Application Development
Discussion of the development of security applications
clamav-devel openantivirus-developer postfix-devel snort-devel
spamassassin-dev wireshark-dev openssh-unix-dev linux-kernel
openldap-software shorewall-devel netfilter-devel
Application User Discussion
Discussion of the use and implementation of security applications.
selinux clamav-users amavis-user postfix-users
spamassassin-users snort-users wireshark-users shorewall-users
drbd-user samba-users netfilter-users bind-users
dhcp-users fedora-users syslog-ng-users
Security Alerts
The general dissemination of security alerts to general threats. This includes technical discussions, summaries of vulnerabilities, as well as advice about current security threats.
cert-alerts full-disclosure-uk idlabs-advisories security-bulletins
technical-alerts linux-advisory-watch linux-security-newsletter
Security Applications
Discussion lists for security applications.
honeypots ipsec vpn secureshell-help
linux-security-module metasploit-framework openantivirus-discuss snort-sigs
Security User Discussions
Discussion of security topics around a particular subject, such as application security or penetration testing.
bugtraq vuln-dev current-activity firewall-wizards
focus-crypto focus-forensics focus-ids focus-linux
pen-test security-basics security-tips webappsec
websecurity oss-security
General Security
Security discussion on general topics.
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