EnGarde Secure Community News and Updates - Release 3.0.13
Guardian Digital is happy to announce the release of EnGarde Secure Community 3.0.13 (Version 3.0, Release 13). This release includes many updated packages and bug fixes, some feature enhancements to Guardian Digital WebTool and the EnGarde Secure Linux Installer, and a few new features.

EnGarde Secure Community is a secure distribution of Linux engineered from the ground-up to provide organizations with the level of security required to create a corporate Web presence or even conduct e-business on the Web. It can be used as a Web, DNS, e-mail, database, e-commerce, and general Internet server where security is a primary concern.

What's New?

  • A new document on engardelinux.org, "A Guided Tour of EnGarde Secure Linux", which takes through installing and configuring some of EnGarde's essential services, including Web, mail and FTP, pausing occasionally to point out how EnGarde helps you maintain a secure environment.
  • There is now a link to the SELinux Audit Monitor directly from the main WebTool Auditing menu. This makes debugging SELinux policy violations much easier.
  • There were several improvements made to the hardware detection subsystem of einstall, the EnGarde Secure Linux Installer, which makes installing on MegaRAID and SATA more reliable.
  • The latest stable versions of clamav (0.90), dmidecode (2.9), fetchmail (6.3.7), openssl (0.9.8e), php (4.4.6), php5 (5.2.1), snort (, and spamassassin (3.1.8).
Bug Fixes
Below is a listing of the bugs from bugs.engardelinux.org which were fixed with this release, along with links to their bug reports for more information.

#0000137 Reference to /usr/lib in php.ini on x86_64
#0000134 PHP5 built with cURL support.
#0000133 Duplicate packages
#0000106 Pyzor for EnGarde
#0000094 phpMyAdmin HTTP/Cookie login doesn't work
Download Information
You may download the ISO image for EnGarde Secure Linux 3.0.13 by following the "Download Now" link at the top of this page:

You can get help from the EnGarde community on our forums at:

Extensive documentation and FAQs for EnGarde Secure Linux are available at: