EnGarde Secure Community News and Updates - Release 3.0.15
Guardian Digital is happy to announce the release of EnGarde Secure Community 3.0.15 (Version 3.0, Release 15). This release includes many updated packages and bug fixes, some feature enhancements to Guardian Digital WebTool and the SELinux policy, and a few new features.

In distribution since 2001, EnGarde Secure Community was one of the very first security platforms developed entirely from open source, and has been engineered from the ground-up to provide users and organizations with complete, secure Web functionality, DNS, database, e-mail security and even e-commerce.

What's New?

  • Due to popular demand (on engarde-users, the EnGarde Forum, and in #0000140), we've made mod_proxy for Apache available via the 'libapache-mod_proxy' package. To use this functionality just install this package from the GDSN Package Management interface and configure it in your httpd.conf.
  • We addressed a bug in the Snort graph generation subsystem which would cause high CPU load. More information on this problem, and the fix, may be found in the EnGarde Secure Linux Forum.

    Users of EnGarde Secure Linux do not have to do anything to fix this bug -- just run the Guardian Digital Secure Network Update Agent and your system will be patched automatically.

  • Three new instructional documents were written by Ryan W. Maple and added to the EnGarde Secure Linux Wiki:

    Additions and improvements to these documents are welcomed and encouraged!

  • Several new packages such as dovecot (1.0.1), mysql++ (2.2.3), pptpd (1.3.0), rkhunter (1.2.9), sox (12.17.7).
  • The latest stable versions of asterisk (1.4.5), clamav (0.90.3), checkpolicy (1.34.1), e2fsprogs (1.39), engarde-policy (3.15), kernel (2.6.21), libpng (1.2.18), libselinux (1.34.7), libsemanage (1.10.3), libsepol (1.16.1), nagios-plugins (1.4.9), openswan (2.4.8), php5 (5.2.3), policycoreutils (1.34.6), postfix (2.4.30, ppp (2.4.4), samba (3.0.25a), snort (, spamassassin (3.2.1), squid (2.6.STABLE13), subversion (1.4.4), vim (7.1), webtool (3.15), zaptel (1.4.3)
Bug Fixes
Below is a listing of the bugs from bugs.engardelinux.org which were fixed with this release, along with links to their bug reports for more information.

#0000068 package openldap-servers will not install
#0000073 Add Home Button to Menubar
#0000075 Ability to Set User's Home Directory in WebTool
#0000107 Policy for clamd and amavisd
#0000116 Large number of audit entries in message log
#0000120 interface ip address doesn't show up if it is dhcp enabled
#0000122 WebTool - [Hardware] System Status
#0000125 No SE policy for netdiff
#0000126 No X-Spam-Status for virtual mail domains
#0000139 SELinux and UBS KVM Switch
#0000140 Wish List:: List of item in EnGarde 1.5 that I would like ...
#0000141 ssh server won't run chrooted users
#0000142 Enabling PAM in sshd config causes dynamic linker error
#0000143 Postfix SASL
#0000150 Subversion missing dependancies
#0000151 dhcpd will not start
#0000152 mysql++
#0000153 Feature Request - Dovecot support for IMAP server
#0000154 Thunderbird cannot save e-mail into "Sent" folder using IMAP
#0000155 Rootkit Hunter
#0000157 php5 upgrade doesn't work
#0000158 No mail after upgrading installed packages
#0000160 pptpd package
#0000161 nrpe package missing initscript & config change request
Download Information
You may download the ISO image for EnGarde Secure Linux 3.0.13 by following the "Download Now" link at the top of this page:

You can get help from the EnGarde community on our forums at:

Extensive documentation and FAQs for EnGarde Secure Linux are available at: