4.2. EnGarde Secure Linux WebTool Module

Users of EnGarde Secure Linux are recommended to use the WebTool module available for NetDiff. The WebTool module will create the database automatically if it is not found, and will allow you to set scanning options, configure report recipients, and edit your list of networks to scan, as well as view all of your past reports in a browser based interface.

The main page of the NetDiff WebTool module contains a configuration link, a list of your past generated reports, and a list of your networks to scan.

Figure 4-2. NetDiff WebTool module

Clicking the configuration link launches the configuration popup, where you can set your nmap scanning options and your email report recipients. See the nmap documentation for details on the nmap scanning options. Multiple recipient email addresses may be included if separated by commas.

Figure 4-3. NetDiff options

Selecting a report from the list opens a window where the report's contents can be viewed and optionally deleted from the database if it is no longer needed. The report prefixes lines added since the previous scan with a + and lines removed since the previous scan with a -. For example, the report below shows that since the last scan, ports 22 and 1023 were closed and ports 25 and 53 were opened on

Figure 4-4. NetDiff report

Choosing a network or clicking the Add Network link opens a window where you may edit or delete a specified network from the scanning list. Networks must be entered in a style format.

Figure 4-5. NetDiff network