3.4. Language Files

Language files are used for WebTool localization. They consist of a list of named tags, each followed by an equals sign and the string to replace the tag with. They are stored in the lang subdirectory of the module directory, and named with the appropriate two letter language code, i.e. en for English or fr for French. Currently the WebTool only contains English translations, but French is supported in the code, and other languages can be added. Please contact the WebTool developers using the EnGarde Users mailing list (see Appendix A) if you would like to contribute localization help in any other language.

indextitle      = DHCP Server Management
indexintro      = Welcome to the DHCP Server Management module.  This module allows you
                  to set up this system for use as a DHCP server, which will assign IP 
                  addresses to other systems.